Pivotal Advice

Although rarely realized, the best-possible issue-resolving help remains unavailable.

This is largely because of the biases of vested interests.

More widely, there remains almost no awareness of Core understandings.

They are the soundest of all knowledge relating to Existence.

Whilst some examples are known, they are seldom linked to Issue-resolution.

Most importantly, there exists no cohesive access to the issue-resolving examples.

This level of expertise is the specialty of the founder of this unique initiative.

It enabled breakthrough advancements in Life-related issue-resolution.

Whilst currently unrecognized at this level, their global potentials are immeasurable.

His Legacy commitment is to enable their profile to be raised.

Major contributions will be provided by subject-related Consultancy services.

Their combined aim is to enable reductions in all Life-related issues.

The start-point to their access is via 'The Consultancies'.

Other specific starting points include for:

Help 4 All services 'Introductions'.

Discovering more widely 'Project Scope'.

The founder 'Founder'.


For the widest selection of initial start-points to this unique initiative, please select: 'Key Links'.